The Names of G-d

We’re did a lot of work on calendar skills last week; you know, dates, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, etc.  We said how Sunday was named after the sun, and how Monday was named after the moon, since they are so important to making food grow, and the air warm, and making tides work. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

Nice and secular sciency.  Right?

Big D then said “and Tuesday is named after the number two!”

Me (inwardly groaning): “Well, no, although you’d think that, eh?  Tuesday is actually named after Tir/Tyr, aka Tiu, who was a sky-god of the Norse people.  Just like Wednesday is named after Woden, the Anglo-Saxon name for Odin, the Norse father-god, Thursday is named after Thor, the Norse thunder-god, and Friday is named after the Norse love-goddess Frigg.”  (I could have added that Saturday was named after the planet/god  Saturn by the Romans in the second century CE   Weird that that is the only name we didn’t get from Germanic/Norse culture, eh?)

Anyway, this lead into a LONG chat about how different cultures have different names for their gods, but that since each of us has many names (and we listed them for each of us), this seemed ok to us; since they each all meant us, the many names of gods in pantheistic faiths could be seen to be the many faces of a single divine being, or not.   (Teaching Tolerance isn’t just the name of a magazine, folks.)

Then she hits me.  “What is the name of *our* god, Mama?”

Oi.  We’d just had a conversation, not twenty minutes before, about why boy bits are on the outside, while girl bits are on the inside.  (Daddyman had mentioned ‘cooling and to prevent infection’, respectively, while I went for the puzzle-pieces explanation; they had to fit together to share directions for making a baby, unless one wanted to involve all sorts of medical interventions.)  It was definately one of those evenings.

Me: “Well, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all talk about the same god, but they use different names for him, like Jesus, the Holy Spirit, The Lord, etc, while Jews say JHVH, or G-d, since many don’t think it is polite to use his name at all, and Muslims, those who practice Islam, call him Allah.”

Daddyman: “Or you can call him Herne…”

Me: “Or Cerannanos, or Aphrodite, or Kwan Yin, or, or ……Mommy Moon!”

Both girls: “Mommy Moon is a name for God!??” (They have been talking to Mommy Moon since they were babies.)

Yes, honey, some people talk to G-d by talking to the moon, including two four year olds I know.  Yes, I know you really want to go to the moon, ideally when you are six.  Not how most folks would talk about ‘wanting to move closer to God’, but if it works for you, go for it.

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