Derailment preferred

I’m actually starting to see one advantage to having a larger class size.  Not mondo, mind you, but, well, bigger than three.  (And no, I’m not breeding the rest of them.)

Why would I say such a thing!?!  I get to have TONS of one-on-one time with my kids (yeah, right), and can really tailor what we’re doing to their individual interests (also, yeah right).  (Every time I try to do something with one, the others ALL want in.  Guaranteed.)

Having only three kids means that when one has a bad day, for whatever reason, it throws us all off.  Yesterday, Beara had a rough morning, and we never did get to our language work.  Today, Big D is having a hard time, and her language work from yesterday *still* hasn’t gotten done.   (I’ll save my inner debate about the validity of assigned work for another time.) 

I have no idea *why* they have each had a bad day already this week (and it is only Tuesday), but that doesn’t change the fact that they have.  In a larger class, having one kid out of sorts still leaves lots of other kids (hopefully) on keel and working; being role models and making it happen.  (It would also seriously suck to be the kid having a rotten day, trapped in a room with productive people determined to steam ahead without you, esp since you know you are just going to be more behind when you DO get yourself sorted.)

Ok, maybe I just made my own point, even if it was a different one than I intended to; having one kid out of sorts is really, well, inconvenient for me the parent facilitator, esp when we get completely derailed, but that has GOT to be better than going along without that kid, leaving them trapped, alone, and more and more behind the more we persevere in ‘our’ work.  Also, I obviously don’t homeschool for the ‘convenience’ of it!

Ok, I’m feeling better about this now.  They both have had the freedom to get themselves sorted once our planned work has gotten derailed for the day, and that was – IS – way more important than doing their handwriting practice for the day.

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