Team Work

Having twin girls is… interesting, and yes, I mean that in the Chinese sense of the word.  They are sort of best-friends-by-default, and are with each other 24/7 most weeks, for better or worse. 

They play together really, really well, (fortunately) and have recently been bringing their cocreations to paper.  Above you can see the portrait they did of Puffy the Puffin (whom they named, as well), created by one of them holding him down while the other traced him.  I have no idea who did the coloring.

You can also see the ‘fruit salad’ they made today.  (Having *promised* to return it to the right spot in their toy fridge, I was allowed to take this photograph after the girls went to bed.)  They drew up the ingredients list first (Beara demonstrated her understanding of missing addends while narrating her coloring) THEN decided what it would make after they had me label everything for them.

Yummy, Yummy 'Fruit Salad

Just in case you can’t read the ingredients list, or wonder why I’m calling it ‘fruit salad’, here is what went into it, resemblance to toy food objects in the final product being irrelevant:

  • pears
  • milk
  • olives
  • jelly beans
  • chicken
  • maccaroni
  • balloon fruit (with five eyes, two noses, and four mouths, according to Big D)
  • purple tootsie pop
  • lots of olives (yes, more), with pimentos
  • maple syrup (with a maple leaf on the label, no less)
  • frosting (green)
  • three bananas

Daddyman says that between this and calling everyone ‘me hearties’ during the Pirate Play, that the girls are watching too much Wiggles.  I’m just wondering where the heck they developed a love of olives, since we’ve never had them in the house.  (Can’t say the same about the green frosting and jelly beans, however.  Whoops!)

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