My big boy!

I generally don’t believe in rewarding for good performance, but, well, poop is gross, and dealing with it is not inherently gratifying.   Carrots aren’t just for good eyesight.

Ergo, we offered each of our kids a reasonably priced treasure as a celebratory memento of the first time they each pooped in the potty and got themselves all cleaned up.  Big D was first, and choose a dolphin (named Unicornia), then Beara chose a unicorn (and named it Dophinia, naturally).

Anyway, I just put up Buddy’s new potty chart yesterday, and he rose (or should I say ‘sat’) to the occaision today by starting it off with a bang – a pillow pet worthy poop and cleanup!  Daddyman just scoured the stores for the frog that Buddy wanted, and Buddy is, as you can see below, a VERY proud young man.

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