Best of all worlds

Today started great, and kept on going!  (If only we could count on every bad day being followed by one so good!)

We watched a video on climates, biomes and the Mercator projection today that the girls got really into, as you’ll see.  Big D was hilarious though, getting really quite mad with Mercator; both because of the racist paradigm, and just because ‘he did it wrong *on purpose*’.  (insert serious frowny face here… 😉

Anyway, most of the rest of homeschooling went out the window after that, since they wanted to make maps of their own.  In a moment of serendipity, they then received some belated presents in the post: backpacks that hold sleeping bags, flashlights, compasses, whistles, and water bottles!  This lead to them hiking around the house, following their maps to go find the buried treasure, and narrating what biomes they were going through, and what animals they saw, all along the way.  I luvs me some unschooly goodness! 

“The brown is where dinosaurs go to take a bath, the blue is the oceans where the whales are, and the green is where bamboo grows for the panda bears.  The… orange is savannah for where the lions life, and oh, I forgot the red for where dinosaurs are in trouble.  A rescate!”  Then she mumbled, as she walked off with her hand still in the air (a Diego inspired move that must go with that last phrase, apparently) “Oh, I haven’t figured out what biome black means yet…”

So, here are their maps.  Big D did the two on the left (she loves to pour over maps, and it shows, IMNSHO), Beara (bottom right) added yet more colors (and meanings!) to hers, and Buddy (top right) did his of ‘waterholes’.  (He can be so serious.  It is REALLY hard not to crack up at him sometimes!)

We’re going to move onto world physical geography next week, and then into Pangea and plate tectonics, wind and ocean currents, etc.  From there to the Oparin hypothesis, and on up through time to a study of world cultures through both geography and history.  They may or may not absorb any of it long term, but they are enjoying it, and why NOT start at the beginning, eh?

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