Well, Wednesday went ok…

So, I’ll start there.  Ok?  Ok.  (Thank you for not arguing with me.  I needed that today.)

Calendar time went about as perfectly as it could, and I caught myself thinking “ah – this is *just* how it is supposed to go.”  (Stupid, stupid, stupid.  What WAS I thinking?)

We went from there into vocabulary, and, while it took WAY longer than it even seemed possible (are there worm holes in pencils?  like the time bending kind?), AND they got super frustrated with not wanting to try writing their words (all five of them), they did eventually push through and feel all accomplished, so I was happy.

Then we took a break for snack; we tried to divide a pile of chocolate chips into four equal parts (no *way* I wasn’t getting one, yo), and then we counted them out on our hundred boards to see how close we came.  Beara didn’t even complain when I redistributed her over abundance of dark brown goodness to her siblings!  Unbelievable!

We took a very brief break, then I rounded up my sugar-hyped kids for another video; this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuiQvPLWziQ on how the tilt of the Earth relative to the sun creates the seasons.  We then looked at our physical world map, and talked about how months and seasons do (or don’t!) correspond.  To highlight this latter point, we googled “Christmas in Australia” and checked out bikini clad Santa, and a rewrite of Jingle Bells that talked about ‘scorching summer days’ and ‘barbeques!’  The girls thought it was hilarious, esp since I kept having to explain all the Aussie terms for things (which were thankfully defined in the margins, since I didn’t know all of them).

By then the girls had begged at least twenty times each to go check on their new Webkinz puppy.  Sigh… They got it for a Christmas present from my preteen niece, and while it WAS really nice of her, well, sigh…  One of the reasons that we homeschool is to keep our kids out of materialistic culture, as well as away from time sucking crapola, so having a game where you can’t do ANYTHING without spending money, which either takes real money (yeah, right) or competing in mindless games that my kids can’t even DO for themselves, and, yeah; I am less than thrilled. (Ok, I sit corrected.  They have to answer trivia questions on some subject or other to do some stuff.  If I read them out, my girls could even do some of the.  Ergo, not *completely* mindless drek.  Hmph.) One positive thing has come from their stuffed puppy though – Big D feeds her and takes her potty VERY regularly and responsibly.  I think she misses our having a pet.  (The last of our cats died last May.  I’m not ready to get another one yet.)

From there went into journalling, pretty much without complaint for once.  Beara finished writing her sentence, and declared her entry ‘done’, while Big D actually put pencil to paper; she wrote nonsense words, but sounded them out beautifully when I asked her what they said!  She then told me what they meant in Big D language; all sorts of things like ‘love’ and ‘kiss’ and ‘cuddle’.  Too cute.

Anyway, at 11:15 they all just devolved into blobs of tired preschooler, and that was that.  We had lunch, and regrouped at 1 pm to cocreate our homeschool rules, do some math (with an idea for explaining base ten that I’ll talk about soon), and doing our HWT/ETC work, which went more or less ok.

Today?  Not so much.  I’m tinkering with some of my medications, so I slept badly and didn’t get good pain control before we were due to start.  I also told Beara that she could play more Reader Rabbit before homeschool, and she didn’t want to come into our group work as a result.  Loathe to drag her away, and not feeling so hot myself, I said we’d delay our group work until 10am.  Oi – BIG mistake.

10 am rolled around, and we did our calendar work, but then the girls’ bodies were thinking snack, not vocabulary, and Beara broke down in perfectionistic frustration when confronted with writing a lower case ‘e’.  No amount of showing her the seven that she has written in the same book over the course of the last three days would help, and, yeah, I got really, REALLY tired of the whine and cheese.  To put the very last nail in the coffin, Daddyman waylaid me in my redirection efforts, and wanted me to look over some shady offers he’d gotten for his computer system.  *His* not respecting our homeschooling time was my last straw,  and I called it.

The girls were upset – they *wanted* to homeschool more, apparently, not that I could tell from their, oh, not listening to me, not working, or – heck – from their not even being in the same room with their work.  Gah!  I relented and said that we could do cuddle schooling this afternoon, which, well, I tried.  They wanted nothing to do with the base ten work I had for us (Buddy helped tons, though!), and then they flaked off doing Bob books all cuddled under the covers, and Buddy wanting to nurse *right then* made that just all together too much.  

I really think that if my kids had their druthers, they’d drop in and out of formal homeschooling all day long.  They like the informal stuff, but not as much as the group, planned, things that I have been doing this week; they just don’t want to do them on any kind of schedule, or even all at one time.  The idea of getting both girls on board at the same time, while simultaneously keeping Buddy happy and out of Daddyman’s hair (he’s looking for work and editing his book), AND having all of that happen on a completely unplanned basis and around my body’s ability to deal?  Ain’t happening.  They want formal homeschooling, *it needs to be on a schedule*.  I guess I’m just going to have to keep tinkering until I find one that works for us, eh? 

The homeschooling meetup at the library tomorrow sounds SO much more appealling than trying to get us back in the grove, but I’m thinking I need to get back on the horse, you know?  If I get trampled, well, at least I’ll know that I tried.  😉

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