Easing continues…

Well, unforeseen circumstances mean that the easing into will continue this week, but that’s ok:  Buddy has been (finally!) welcomed into the girls’ imaginary play as a key character, if not quite a fully equal one, and they are *constantly* making up complex worlds together.  Also, Beara had a stomach bug the end of last week, several of us have colds, and I could be feeling better myself, so ‘easy does it’ is a good paradigm for us right now, regardless.  The kids, esp Big D, keep asking for homeschooling (sometimes waking me up to ask if we can get started yet!), so at least I know they are enjoying it!

I don’t remember what we did on Thursday, to be honest (I had a doctor’s appt that was kind of distracting), but I know we did something fun together.  Friday saw us busting out the last two board games the kids got for Christmas: Rivers, Roads and Rails and Dizios.  Beara tried the first, but was feeling too cruddy to play, and Buddy got distracted by her, so it was mostly Big D and I, but that’s ok – we had fun.  Both games are tile-based, and a bit long for her four year old attention span, so we’ll use fewer tiles in future games.  Also, for R3, I’ve pulled out the two tiles that have routes going off in *3* directions (instead of just two), and we’ll use those as starting cards, so we’ll have four routes open right off the bat.  I also need to remember just how much floor space that game takes.  Oi.  Great games though; I think we’ll get a lot of mileage out of each of them.  (Sorry for the bad pun, but, well, yeah.)

Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of the flash-card mentality, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t both buy and make them.  I just use them differently!  We had cards with pictures on when the girls were small,  and they used them like toys, making the duck go up and down the hill of my knee and down intot he pond of my lap, for example.  It got them thinking of words as toys and objects unto themselves, which was pretty cool.  Now I have several decks that we use for movement games that all three love: I have a deck of verbs (they do what the card says, whether it is ‘dance’, ‘kiss’ or ‘lie down’), one of adjectives (they go find and bring back – or put away! – something that word fits), and today I’m making one with the names of animals (they’ll act/move/sound like the animal, or tell me something about it).  We also have one of sight words that they need to get more familiar with, and no, I haven’t figured out how to make that more fun yet.  :/  

I’m hoping to order both the first box of Bob Books this week, as well as the sight words set.  With three kids learning, $22 is a decent investment, IMO.  Big D can sound words out really well, but gets frustrated/tired with it SOOO quickly, no matter how successful she is being.  I wish I had more insight to bring to play on this…

Oh  yeah – Beara and I stayed home on Saturday while Big D and Buddy went to an SCA event with DaddyMan.  They had a blast, even though they were the only kids there, and Big D even reported that she “had lots of fun making friends with grown-ups.”  Beara and I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and ate it hot out of the oven with whipped cream.  Yummy!  We also watched some clips together, and discussed what ‘arrogant’ means; we came up with a definition of taking being proud of yourself to a bad place where it makes you mean to other people.   Food for thought, that. 

Day of sloth yesterday, which we sorely needed.  Daddyman and I even got to hang out with *each other* for some of the day, which was novel enough to be noteworthy.  NTS: a bag of pipecleaners can keep my kids happy creating for *hours*.  >:)

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