Easing into a new year

Homeschooling last fall could have gone better, so I’ve shifted things around rather dramatically, and we’re getting back to it fresh for 2011.  We will likely be segueing back into some table work in the next week or two, but right now we’re doing Homeschool Light. 

What does that look like?

Well, on Monday, we played games for about two hours!  DaddyMan got them started on numerous games of Connect4 (Buddy has an intuitive sense for the game that is just stunning), then I got us through most of a game of Enchanted Forest (GREAT game about memory and strategy that I’ll review more later), then a lighthearted ending with a few games of Pengaloo (not as challenging as I’d envisioned, but that means they can all play *without me*, which, let’s be honest here, is *always* a plus). 

Tuesday was What’s Gnu, mostly just with Big D, but that is ok, as she really benefits from the one on one time for sounding out words.  Then we read some later in the day, and both she and Beara did some with me again right before bedtime, which is impressive, since they usually aren’t up for sounding out when they are tired.

Today we started with sorting out the word cards I made last year (since they’d gotten all mixed together), so they sounded out the cards and identified whether they were ‘action words or adjectives’; we’ll get to the word ‘verb’ later.  They did a good job, but I was surprised how many of them they no longer knew by sight; last fall may have been a bigger step back than I’ve previously thought.  Beara sounded out the world ‘purple’ though, which is nothing to sneeze at, so all good.  Then we played the ‘action word game’, where all three of them stand in the open and then do whatever it says on the card I hold up.  They used to know them cold, but they will again. 

After all that sillyness, we bust out one of the new deck of story cards they got for Christmas, this one the Robot set from ‘Tell Me a Story’.  I dealt out two cards to each of us, and we took turns placing one down and adding to a story.  They demanded we make it longer when we were done, so it wound up being a  sixteen card story, which they then wanted to write down, so I pulled out the laptop, and we communally wrote out the story, “The Robot Fixers”.  Then they started drawing some pictures for it, and I got Daddyman (he who controls the printer) to print it up for us in Aharoni 22 type, and we’ll cut them out and glue them on the pages to make a book out of their first communally written story.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment, but I’m sure we can find some time to climb into bed and  read together, don’t you think?  🙂

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